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Is your organization really ready to mitigate the more impactful consequences of cyber risk? Where does Management go to understand the risks that both computers and heating and air conditioning systems pose to your organization's survival, and the Nation's security? To your financial viability? We are concerned executives from across commercial Industry, Government and Academia with knowledge we want to share with executives needing to know before it's too late.  

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We have identified 3 areas essential to accelerating the path to security, resilience, sustainability and trust associated with Internet-connected critical infrastructure systems: Providing aggregated and curated content that quickly puts answers into the hands of researchers and decision-makers; Facilitation of collaboration that is actionable and measurable; and, Targeted advocacy that promotes good governance and regulatory reforms to reflect the Internet Age .   Read More 

Where do executives turn for answers when it comes to cyber risk? Join your colleagues and peers across a wide variety of private and public sector organizations sharing a common goal that threatens each day and the future. Professional development. A seat at the table to define the future. Networking that offers real returns on your investment. Elpis, the executives' single resource for addressing cyber risk. . For those interested in benefitting from membership: Join Now

People are the #1 vulnerability in cybersecurity risk. How are you managing that vulnerability?

People & Technology

Hacking Reality

The consequences from cyber attacks, breaches, and malicious incidents on IT are the tip of the iceberg. Cyber threats to IoT-enabled Industrial Controls will be more expensive to everyone if left unsecured but the biggest cyber target is technology we use every day, but don't think about for a second. Called Operational Technology or "OT", and communicating on the same networks as IT systems, a successful attack could spell billions in losses a day and increase volatility in global markets.

The Grid

The energy grid is 1 of 16 critical infrastructures being targeted.  With interdependencies between them all, experts worry that attacks on one or more could have a cascading, catastrophic, long-term impact to the economy without ways to quickly respond and recover.   

Sectors under attack

Combating cybersecurity risk is a societal problem

Government Policy & Regulations

How is Government handling issues in cybersecurity?  What are they going to do next? We want to participate in the process

Laws and Adjudication

What has and hasn’t changed since the Internet was launched? Who’s responsible for breaches? What are acceptable defenses against lawsuits?

Business & Supply Chain Operations

The most uncertain and least controlled factor in cybersecurity is human behavior. How can we prepare and protect against this vulnerability?

Culture & Change Management

How can executives better understand if their corporate culture will accept changes to become more aware and better protected? Managing cyber risk with from a positive outcome perspective

Human Factors Engineering

(Cognitive Behavior)

The most uncertain and least controlled factor in cybersecurity is human behavior. How can we prepare and protect against this vulnerability?



Who should lead strategy, own budget, and coordinate cybersecurity strategy that now includes Operational technologies? What management changes and training is needed to support a holistic approach to cyber risk?

Leveraging Innovations in Research & Development

What’s working and what’s not and in which areas of cybersecurity? What have and what are the federally-funded laboratories creating for more widespread use in cybersecurity?

Risk Management & Governance

How do we begin assessing our cyber security risk to include industrial IoT devices, sensors and circuitry? Risk governance policies that can mitigate consequences 

Finance & Contracting

Viewing cyber hygiene as an investment with returns. Contract requirements for vendors and partners that share cybersecurity risk

Public and Corporate Relations

What are our legal requirements to report breaches and how much detail must we report? Using PR to promote culture change



Exposure, premiums, and analysis of the dynamic, evolving face of cyber security risk. Where does responsibility fall where cascading consequences occur?

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