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Thank you for your interest in taking an active role in addressing cyber risk involving the 16 critical infrastructures. By default, these critical infrastructures impact our society and national security, and with the growth of IoT the current infrastructure landscape will rapidly change leading to national-industrial cyber risk issues. Elpis addresses and facilitates various types of events, one-on-one consultation, policy, strategy, research, decision support, and educational training using a Process Based Approach (PBA). This approach is designed to be highly interactive, results-based, and focused in mitigating weaknesses in our members’ cyber security strategy.


While the founding advisors have set the mission and vision for Elpis, it is ultimately up to you and your organization to shape your desired outcome. You will have the use of our Advisors, their networked connections, our member participation, and our eventual data resources. Take this opportunity to go beyond status quo of cybersecurity taking advantage of the resources Elpis offers providing you an agent of change that makes a difference.


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Elpis Advisory Board


Members joining Elpis by December 30, 2018 will be considered a Founding member. The Member will receive ongoing recognition as a Founder, as well as a 20% discount on annual dues for the next five (5) years.


Enterprises: Major, Large, Medium, and Small - Reserved for commercial industry. Annual dues start at $5000 for small business. Founding Member discount applies. Contact us for more information.


Critical Infrastructure Owners & Operators - Reserved for public and private organizations, or divisions of organizations, providing critical infrastructure services as identified in the Critical Infrastructure Protection Program of the US Department of Homeland Security* or the European Commission’s European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection . Annual dues start at $7500. Founding Member amount $6000.

*Does not include the Information Technology industry.


Government - Reserved for national, state, regional, local, and tribal government organizations. Complimentary dues.

Professional Services - Reserved for organizations not previously identified that include legal, management consulting, research, investment and other advisory firms provided as a service. Annual dues $5000. Founding Member amount $4000.


Academic - Reserved for institutes of higher education involved in research and curriculum provided to one or more of Elpis member categories. Annual dues $5000. Founding Member amount $4000.


Individual - Membership reserved for individuals choosing to take an active role in the Elpis mission where there is no organizational support for membership. Dues $499. Founding Member amount $399.


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