Craig Chapman

Executive Director & Co-Founder


Craig crystallizes the vision of the Advisory Board and is responsible for turning mission objectives into measurable outcomes and benefits for members. With more than two decades of experience in business strategy, risk management, cybersecurity, disruptive technologies, government policy, critical infrastructure protection and insurance, members will find a colleague and partner able to actively engage as they collaborate on solutions between private and public sector interests. Craig has enjoyed a career of assisting innovators of technology and services in strategizing to establish and build market value, and sees this Center as a way to shed light on innovative people, products and processes that will lead the way to mission success. A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University in Business & Risk Management, Craig's interests are focused on family, assisting military families, community, travel and the future.

Advisory Board & Co-Founders

Craig Chapman, Executive Director 

Pete Tseronis, CEO & Founder, Dots & Bridges, LLC. (Former Chief Technology Officer, US Dept of Energy) 

David Thaw, PhD Asst Professor of Law and Info Science, Univ. of Pittsburgh. Affiliated Fellow, Information Society Project, Yale Law

Fred McClimans, Research Analyst & Digital Trust Advisor

Alenka Brown, PhD in Human Factors Engineering, Adjunct Faculty Institute for Defense Analysis. President of McClure, Brown and Assoc. 

Darrel Lowery, Vice President Program Management, Enterra Solutions (Co-Founder) 

Daryl Haegley, Control Systems Cybersecurity Program Mgr, US Office of the Secretary of Defense

Board of Directors & Committees

Positions are comprised of the Executive Director and COO in non-voting roles with 11 voting roles filled in the following spots per member: (2) Founding members, (2) IoT Product Manufacturers, (2) Solution Providers, (1) Federal Government, (1) Academia, and (3) Owner/Operators of Critical Infrastructure. Committees will be formed under the direction of the Board to pursue specific agenda. 

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