Membership means both Contribution and Opportunity


Sponsoring your organization for membership has advantages. While contributing to the greater cause of creating a more resilient, sustainable and trusted critical infrastructure supporting the world economy, the opportunities to learn, connect, and have a voice in how the Internet evolves commercially is invaluable. At "Elpis", we'll help you discover resources, connections, and information to assist in advancing your objectives that otherwise would take countless hours and millions in budget to achieve individually. 


You'll learn to view cyber holistically across your organizational structure and supply chain, identifying or improving a decision-support framework that likely will change the way you approach cyber security today, enabling you to move from "How much do we need to spend to mitigate our risk?" to "In re-thinking how to mitigate our risk, our modified business processes not only improved customer satisfaction, but also reduced overall spending on cyber insurance and service delivery". 


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We promote Action

One of our principles is that nothing will change unless we account for "what's working" and "what's not" and establish goals for measurable results. Action items are defined after each Elpis-sponsored engagement of members, and results are measured and shared for all to benefit.


Through our efforts, membership means the following benefits:

  • A seat at the table with leaders in Industry, Gov't, and Academia

  • Significant savings in time and effort to search and research relevant content

  • A representative voice in Washington

  • Education & Awareness 

  • Access to Unbiased Subject Matter Expertise 

  • Secure access to Member contacts. 

  • Peer-level Networking. 

  • Actionable, Comprehensive Information. 

  • Local Meet-Ups. 

  • Discounts on Other Relevant Opportunities;

  • Research & Confidential Input from Members (future). Secure access to data-driven research. We'll offer a single resource for aggregated information from Government, Academia, and private industry to accelerate your research. Includes trusted access into a restricted database of information integral to member Critical Infrastructure Protection activities in cyber and the road map of "Elpis" planned activities to benefit current and future members, as well as society;

*All organizational members receive unlimited access to shared information, networking, and educational resources

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