Taking Action to Increase Security, Resilience, Sustainability and Digital Trust

Our Mission

As a 501(c)6 non-profit based in the Washington, DC metro area. Its mission is to facilitate the acceleration of information exchange and activities on behalf of private industry executives and public sector officials leading to a more secure, resilient, sustainable and trusted future using IoT-enabled critical infrastructure. "Elpis" does this by working with public policy makers, industry executives across the sixteen recognized critical infrastructure sectors, IoT product manufacturers, and providers of resources that help organizations to prepare, protect, respond to, and quickly recover from potentially devastating breaches and attacks on, and malicious use of IoT devices. 


A Forum for Discussion and Action

"Elpis" brings together executives across industry, government, academia and influential individuals to cover


Who We Are

We are concerned professionals with backgrounds in science, engineering, business, law, government policy and operations, academia, human behavior, cyber security, technology, and research analytics who are aware and alarmed at the growing volume and frequency of attempted and successful cyber attacks and breaches. Our priority in facing the threat is on the risk to Critical Infrastructure - the assets that any nation uses to support its automated way of life. 


We are aware of technologies, methods, activities and processes being used to address the risk, but see gaps in understanding, laws and regulations, and collaborative information exchange within the business executive and public sector official communities that are leading to prolonged, costly delays in mitigating the risk for the foreseeable future. In launching "Elpis", our members seek to understand how they in leadership can become better informed decision-makers, as well as to champion and sponsor the collective activities and information exchanges needed to succeed in this mission. 


This is not only a technology problem, it's a societal problem we all need to understand, embrace, and commit to changing unless we intend to yield to the 'bad actors" and competitors to our interests. Joining "Elpis, The Center for IoT Security" provides you and your organization with the voice and collective leadership to succeed.  

How is Elpis different?

1. We are focused on the  much bigger number of vulnerabilities in cyber security called Operational Technology, also called "OT" or "IoT". The cyber iceberg graphic is representative of the dangers from IoT-enabled operational technology vs IT, and the consequences in continuing at "full steam ahead" like the HMS Titanic. We all know how that voyage turned out.


2. Our education with business executives assists in bridging viewpoints between Business operations issues raised by the cyber threat and Technology operations; between Business and Government, between leadership and citizenry so roles and responsibilities are well understood when a large-scale attack or breach does occur. 


3. We must drive actionable steps and measurable outcomes that move members and society closer to individual and holistic objectives. We want to turn "risk" into "reward", "expense" into "productivity", "anxiety" into "trust". "Investments" into "resilience and sustainability".


4. Members DO NOT want to wait until after a breach has happened to hear "What could have been done to prevent this?" Time is not on our side, so You must be.

  • Government Policy & Regulations

  • Laws and Adjudication

  • Human Factors Engineering (Cognitive Behavior)

  • Culture & Change Management

  • Cyber Insurance 

  • Business & Supply Chain operations

  • Leveraging Innovations in Research & Development

  • Risk Management & Governance

  • Finance & Contracting

  • Public and Organizational Relations

We'll address questions like:
  • How much do we have to spend to mitigate the risk? 

  • How is this going to benefit us and our stakeholders?

  • How do we become less vulnerable?

  • Is standardization an alternative to regulation?

  • Who in our organization should lead our IoT security efforts?


To effectively mitigate both small and large, potentially 

catastrophic IoT attacks, collaborating to understand what's working and what's not, across the entire landscape of commercial businesses and government is both resourceful and efficient. "Elpis" offers members a low-cost way to look at your organizational processes and strategic planning that reduces the impact of IoT cyber incidents, while adding to your access to a networked, collaborative knowledgebase of peers and hidden resources.  


Membership can help your organization establish both a strategic framework and an execution plan that fits your organization. 


It can assist you in identifying other members who share similar interests in technology, processes, and methods for solving specific challenges of IoT security and attack resilience. 


And it can foster relationships that enable your management and organization to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of technology.



Finally, "Elpis" isn't only about the risks of cyber security. It's about understanding what we're dealing with and coming up with better ways, more beneficially ways, to address all of the new issues created by this new risk. Collaborating across private and public sectors is just one outcome that in many cases might not have been worthwhile. It will empower our members to discover and put into practice the kinds of creativity that are the hallmark of mankind's prosperity and success to solving these difficult problems we face. Join us in the journey.

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